Real estate advice

Technical, legal and tax services rendered by a team of professionals of our group.
Accurate expertise and analysis of properties of any kind based on our long experience.

Our managers are at your disposal for detailed and personalized advice.


Condominium management

Our management includes: convening and conducting meetings with relevant reports, detailed accounting, collection of contributions with related monthly checks, payment management, dealing of maintenance, insurance and concierge contracts, surveillance and technical assistance in general.


Management of income real estates (residential and commercial)

Our management includes: research and selection of tenants, signing contracts, delivery and redelivery of apartments with eventual restoration work, accounting, calculation of extra charges, collection of monthly rents and practices for collection of unpaid rents, payment management, dealing of maintenance insurance and concierge contracts.


First lease

Advice on defining the amount of rents, search and selection of tenants, signing contracts, various practices until delivery of the apartment.


Buying and selling realties in Switzerland and abroad (residential and commercial)

Estimates on realties and relevant selling advice, preparation of sales literature, research of buyers and sales assistance.


Technical advice

Our technician follows, on request, renovations and maintenance, including construction supervision, both for individual apartments and condominiums.


Translations into German, English, French and Spanish

On request, our team is available for translations